Post Straightening Kit | Post Keratin GoldenHair

Specially developed for dry hair and hair weakened by chemical processes, the GoldenHair Post Straightening line provides prolonged treatment and hydration for the hair, keeping it healthy and silky, while helping to control volume.

Its formula enriched with a mixture of proteins and amino acids provides high emolliency and nutrition, helping to reduce frizz while facilitating the hair detangling process, leaving it soft and shiny.


1) WASH: Wash the hair twice with Post Straightening Shampoo. Rinse and remove excess water.

2) APPLY: Apply a generous amount of the Post-Smoothing Mask to clean, damp hair, strand by strand, evenly distributing the product throughout the hair.

3) FINISH: Apply GoldenHair Protective Fluid, brush with a hairdryer and finish with GoldenHair Repairing Serum.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Blend Protein and Amino Complex