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🧴 Daily Use | GoldenHair Thermal Protector. 150mL

🧴 Daily Use | GoldenHair Thermal Protector. 150mL

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The Thermo Protective Fluid and conditioner for daily use, facilitates the sliding of the brush and protects from excessive heat.

Thermal protection from the sun, irons, dryers etc. It provides a lot of softness, reducing static and frizzy hair, leaving it shiny and perfumed.

Made with Thermo Protective Ingredients, Macadamia and Aloe Vera.


Apply the heat protectant for hair on wet hair to facilitate its distribution throughout the hair and maximum protection. Keep a distance between your hair and the spray of about 20-30 centimeters, in this way you guarantee an even coverage that will protect the hair without weighing it down.

Thermal protectors must be applied before using the dryer or any utensil that subjects our hair to high temperatures , such as irons or tongs.

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